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The random, incoherent sillyness of some furry loser grad student. YAY PIE :D

22 October 1985
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The Bio(tm), version epsilon-17q-42.X3-something

First the Earth cooled, then some stuff happened, followed by some more stuff that was more or less as exciting as the previous stuff. So here we are. Kumquats. But this is no history lesson...

Grad student, still putting off finding a real job. Aspiring slacker neurogenetics researcher after I graduate, thus putting off finding a real job further. Waste too much time on the internets to actually be capable of holding said real job. Your Not-so-average furry loser. Dingofox. Queer. Arter of silly things. Waster of much time. Ska-loving retard. Self-diagnosed as suffering from a normal, sane mind (probably wrong). Self-diagnosed as being full of shit. Swiller of much alcohol. Plays a well-meaning, ill-informed idiot on the internet. Plays a well-meaning, ill-informed idiot in real life.

Yep, that about covers it.

Penile cranium. Yay.